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Herausgegeben von Prof. Dr. Dieter Schuh und Prof. Dr. Michael Weiers

Heft 15

Karl-Heinz Everding: Title and Location List of Dieter Schuh´s Microfilm Collection of  Bon po Texts, 2001, 142 Seiten,  49,– Euro (= Results of the Nepal German Project on High Mountain Archaeology, Part VII)


Bon religion is a neglected field in Tibetan studies. Its doctrinal treatises, ritual texts, chronicles and biographies of important scholars, to mention only a few important branches of its vast literature, remain for the most part still unexplored. Since large parts of its literature are available only with great difficulty, the collection of Bon po texts, microfilmed by Dieter Schuh during his visit to the Bon po monastery of sMan ri, Dolanji (India), in 1969 is of special importance. The unique scholarly significance of these films is that they maintain the manuscripts in exactly the state in which they arrived from Tibet. No recent editor or publisher has altered the spellings through an undocumented revision following unknown principles or criteria. This collection thus makes available the oldest available version of the manuscripts.

In order to make these texts available for research, a catalogue was compiled that lists systematically the 1,048 texts. The title and location list maintains the description of the texts. Attached to that are indices with the titles in Zhang zhung und Tibetan language, as well as margin notations and abbreviations.

Example of the Zhang zhung script
Example of the Zhang zhung script

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